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Steel Dimensions

Steel Dimension and Type

Steel Dimensions, weights, and properties of these sections are given by American Institute of Steel Construction, Steel Construction Manual (AISC Manual)1 Part 1. The W-shape is an I-section with wide flanges having parallel surfaces. This is the most commonly used shape for beams and columns and is designated by nominal depth and weight per foot. Thus a W24 × 84 has a depth of 24.1 in and a weight of 84 lb/ft. Columns are loaded primarily in compression and it is preferable to have as large a radius of gyration about the minor axis as possible to prevent buckling. W12 and W14 sections are fabricated with the flange width approximately equal to the depth so as to achieve this. For example, a W12 × 132 has a depth of 14.7 in and a flange width of 14.7 in. The radii of gyration about the major and minor axes are 6.28 in and 3.76 in, respectively. Both S-shapes and M-shapes are I-sections with tapered flanges that are narrower than comparable W-shapes and provide less resistance to lateral torsional buckling. M-shapes are available in small sizes up to a depth of 12.5 in. S-shapes are available up to a depth of 24 in and have thicker webs than comparable W-shapes making them less economical.

Steel dimension can be formed in many type as on the picture below:

Steel Model
Steel Model

The HP-shape is also an I-section and is used for bearing piles.

Shape                                                      Designation
Wide flanged beams                                     W
Miscellaneous beams                                    M
Standard beams                                             S
Bearing piles                                                 HP
Standard channels                                         C
Miscellaneous channels                                MC
Angles                                                           L
Tees cut from W-shapes                              WT
Tees cut from M-shapes                               MT
Tees cut from S-shapes                                ST
Rectangular hollow structural sections        HSS
Square hollow structural sections                HSS
Round hollow structural sections                 HSS
Pipe                                                              Pipe

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