Sunday, November 5, 2017

Carbon Steel in Different Standard

Carbon steel standard in every country can be have different symbol, but they have similar classification as describe in ASME or ASTM. Carbon steel as ASME can be used as material for high pressure tank like Boiler and Pressure Vessel. Boiler and pressure vessel at room temperature can be have 40 kips per sq in (ksi) or 275 mega-pascals (Mpa) up to 100 ksi (690 Mpa). Material which can use as high pressure strength in application are very limited, material should have minimum tensile strength less than 80 ksi (550 Mpa), this material usually use high carbon steel.

Carbon steel are choose as material for any purpose because of same reason in all of user, the price, the properties and ease of fabrication. Carbon steel composition can be slightly different in each manufacturing but the limitation of their characteristic should include in the range of standard. Material specification of ASME and ASTM are similar in both chemicals and mechanical properties to those of the international specifications listed.

The table below are carbon steel standard comparative International Specifications.

comparation carbon steel standard
comparation carbon steel standard

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