Thursday, November 2, 2017

Carbon Steel Grade and Application

The meaning of carbon steel in general sense is steel that contain of carbon substance inside the alloy steel. Steel itself is usually mean an iron based that contain of many kind of other substance composed them, pure iron usually contain other substance less than 2%. Carbon steel also called as plain carbon steel, ordinary steels or straight carbon steels, steel itself can contain only residual amount of element other than carbon for example silicon, aluminum, managanese and cerium. Silicon and aluminum are added into steel for deoxidation while manganese and cerium added to steel in purpose to counteract certain deleterious effect of residual sulfur. Silicon and manganese can be added in amount greater than those required strictly to meet these criteria, for example 0.60% silicon and 1.65% of manganese are accepted as the limit of carbon steel.

Carbon steel that still better for construction structure usually contain about 0.35% in order can be welded. The grade of carbon steel are divide into several type such as below:
  • Low carbon steel contain below 0.15% of carbon, this steel suitable for hot worked.
  • Mild Steel contain of carbon below 0.25%, this steel have somewhat higher strength near the upper carbon level. This steel better to construct of base structural steel to hold pipe lining or many other application.
  • Medium carbon steels, this steel contain carbon 0.25% - 0.55%, this kind of carbon steel better for steel that used to be harden by heat treatment (quenched and tempered) to achieve yet higher strength and hardness. 
  • High carbon steel
Carbon steel is the most important steel that widely used in Industrial construction and material uses. This material is used not only in many of water and steam pressure system, such as in power plants and support system. Carbon is such a powerful alloying element in steel, there are significant differences in the strength, hardness, and ductility achievable with relatively small variations in the levels of carbon in the composition. Industrial application that usually use of carbon steel like material fabrication, heat treatment, component fabrication, and fabrication process, the uses of carbon steel can in significant changes to the properties of carbon steel components.

Carbon steel in general established by coded and standards that should be implemented to achieve adequate result when working with carbon steels. Engineering division should be fulfill with this knowledge to make a decision what type of steel that should be use in there application.

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