Tuesday, October 28, 2008

Carbon Steel Forms

Carbon Steel Forms

Forms Available

Carbon steel Form is available in virtually all product forms, including both the forms needed for pressure-containing applications and the shapes needed for structural applications. This report addresses the following product forms:

• Pipes (carbon steel pipe form)

  • SA-53, SA-106, SA-134, SA-135, A-139 (see Note 1), SA-155 (see Note 2), SA-333, A-381 (see Note 1), SA-524, SA-587, SA-671, SA-672, and SA-691
  • BS 3601, BS 3602, BS 3603, DIN 17175, DIN 17173, DIN 17179, DIN 28180, JIS G3454, JIS G3456, and JIS G3460
• Tubes (carbon steel tube form)

  • SA-178, SA-179, SA-192, SA-210, SA-214, SA-226 (see Note 2), SA-334, and A-573 (see Note 1)
  • BS 3059, DIN 17175, DIN 17173, DIN 17179, DIN 28180, JIS G3461, and JIS G3464
• Plates (carbon steel plate form)

  • SA-212 (see Note 2), SA-283, SA-285, SA-299, SA-433 (see Note 2), SA-442 (see Note 2), SA-455, SA-515, SA-516, and SA-537
  • CEN 10025, CEN 10028-2, CEN 10028-5, JIS G3101, JIS G3103, JIS G3106, and JIS G3115
• Castings (carbon steel formed by casting)
  • SA-27 (see Note 3), SA-216, and SA-352
  • CEN 10213-2, CEN 10213-3, BS 3100, JIS G5101, JIS G5102, JIS G5151, and JIS G5152
• Forgings (carbon steel formed by forging)
  • SA-105, SA-181, SA-266, SA-350, SA-372, SA-465 (see Note 2), SA-508, and SA-541
  • CEN 10222-2 and JIS G3202
• Wrought fittings
  • SA-234

Technical Background

  1. There is no ASME material specification, only an ASTM material specification.
  2. The specification or grade has been discontinued: information given is from the last available specification or code. See Table 3-1 for the specific source.
  3. Some grades of ASTM A-27 were not accepted in the ASME equivalent (SA-27).

Carbon steel is used in boilers, pressure vessels, heat exchanger, piping, and other moderate-temperature service systems in which good strength and ductility are desired. Significant other factors include cost, availability, and the ease of fabrication.

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