Saturday, June 27, 2009

Carbon Steel Type and Price

Carbon steel divided into some type that compose from different contents of material composed applied or product type. Each of this product have different price depend on the marked demand, production cost and market competition.

The price of this product is variable on the year of run, this may because of the world condition is not stable, sometime rise but sometime down. Kind of this carbon steel products and price currently June 2009 are as follows:
  1. Hot Rolled Coil, US $ 560
  2. Hot Rolled Plate, US $ 720
  3. Cooled Rolled Coil, US $ 640
  4. HD Galvanized Coil, US $ 755
  5. Electro Zinc Coil, US $ 735
  6. Wired Rod (mesh), US $ 575
  7. Structure Sections & Beam, US $ 755
  8. Rebar, US $ 540
  9. Merchant Bar, US $ 715
The price may different for certain country and also change depend on the market and global world condition.

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