Tuesday, September 1, 2009

Metal Pretreatment

Paint and plastic stripping have never been easier to treatment before they are become a raw material to the next process. The technology continues to improve this difficulties on processing and has revolutionized the way to strip organic from metal parts. The Dynamic Fluid Clean is the answer to your cleaning hassles.

The parts to be stripped are immersed in a hot fluidized sand bed which is heated up to 420 – 450 oC. The organic adhering the metal parts will be removed without creating environmental pollution. The total cleaning time is less one hour. Typical parts to be cleaned are paint, hangers, grates, dies, nozzles, extrusion, screw, etc.

With more than 450 reference world-wide, the Dynamic Fluid Clean has been recognized as the absolute solution for stripping paint, plastic, rubber, and other materials from metal parts.

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