Monday, January 11, 2010

Heat Treatment to Carbon Steel

As the material technology. for many low-alloy steels, the primary function of the alloying elements is to increase hardened ability in order to optimize mechanical properties and toughness after heat treatment. In some cases, however, alloy additions are used to reduce environmental degradation under certain specified service conditions.

As with steels in general, low-alloy steels can be classiified according to Chemical composition, such as nickel steels, nickel chromium steels, molybdenum steels, chromium molybdenum steels.

Heat treatment, such as quenched and tempered, normalized and tempered, annealed. Because of the wide variety of chemical composition possible and the fact that some steels are used in more than one heat-treated, condition, some overlap exists among the alloy steel classifications.

There are four groups of alloy steels are addressed:
  • Low Carbon quenched and tempered (QT) steels
  • Medium-carbon ultrhigh strength steels
  • Bearing steels
  • Heat resistant chromium molybdenum steels
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