Monday, March 1, 2010

Second Hand Steel is very Cheap

If you want something for your business like steel rack, you must consider if your rack should be new or just enough to use a second hand steel rack. The price difference is very large between new rack with secondhand rack. For comparison for new rack steel price is about Rp. 40,000 per 3 meters and for second hand rack may just Rp. 10,000 per 3 meters.

Steel for rack normally is made from galvanized steel, if the steel is made from stainless steel it can be still expensive, but of course not as expensive as new one. For beginner busnessman, need to consider for buy new one for their business, because if new is very expensive and can disturb your business cash flow. If you just need an iron rack for placing something but don't need look tidely or nice, you can just buy a second one. For making your rack will have longer age, you can paint first before use, you must clean of every steel corrosion on the old rack and after that you can paint with iron paint. If you do this right, I can guarantee that your rack will have long live time, and untill your business running well. This procedure are standard for metal pretreatment befor use.

On the year about 2009 the price of second hand steel is down very significant and many of second hand good businessman become bankrupt because they stock too much, last time the price are down, from Rp. 3000 per kg become just Rp. 1000 per kg. This condition make many of second hand steel become bankrupt.

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