Monday, June 28, 2010

Light Metals and Heavy Metals

If metals divided into the density of the metals, there two group of metal that have different density or weight per volume. Metal with lightweight like aluminium is called as light metal, but metal with heavy weight like copper is called as heavy metals. Each metal have special uses and their own benefit of use. Light metals are better for construction and heavy metals usually have good resistance to corrode, so heavy metals often use for plating other metals or as metal coating materials.
Because of the wide different characteristic of each metal, sometime people want of certain metal but with both characteristic of metals, then created of mixed both metals in order can get of both characteristics. These mixed metal is called as alloy metals, so alloy metals can have mixed characteristic like, light but strong and resistance to corrode.
Metals that are included in Light metal are as follows:
1. Aluminum, symbol Al
2. Aluminum Alloys
  • Forging Aluminum Alloys
  • Casting Aluminum Alloys
3. Magnesium, symbol Mg
4. Magnesium Alloys
5. Titanium, symbol Ti
Metals that are included in heavy metal are as follows:
1. Copper, symbol Cu (from Latin, Cuprum)
2. Copper Alloys
  • Copper Zinc Alloys (Also Called as Brass)
  • Copper Nickel Zinc Alloy (known as German Silver)
  • Copper Tin Alloy (Also called as Bronze)
  • Copper Aluminum Alloys
3. Zinc, symbol Zn
4. Zinc Alloys
  • Forging Alloy
  • Casting Alloy
5. Tin, symbol Sn (from Latin, Stannum)
6. Tin Alloy
7. Lead, symbol Pb (from Latin, Plumbum)
8. Lead Alloys

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