Sunday, July 31, 2011

Carbon Steel Treatment

Heat treatment of steel can make carbon steel change their steel’s physical and mechanical properties without the change of original shape and size. The process of this treatment just by heating and cooling in right way of carbon steel.

Heat treatment process can use to increase the strength of steel but also can use to soften the steel. Heat treatment also can alter certain manufacturability objectives such as improve machinability, formability, restore the ductility, etc. So heat treatment process is very important in industrial that produce product from steel and also many industrial practice that maintain and steel before they use. High carbon steel are particularly suitable for heat treatment, since carbon steel respond well to heat treatment and the commercial use of steels exceeds that of any other material.

Here are the steel treatment that usually use in metal industrial processes:
  • Annealing
  • Hardening and tempering of tool steel
  • Heat treatment of Low-Alloy Cold Work Tool Steels
  • Heat treatment of Low Alloy Cold Work and Hot Work Tool Steels
  • Surface Hardening of Steels
  • Carburizing
  • Nitriding
  • The Tempering of Martensite
  • The tempering of alloy steels
  • Gas Nitriding

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