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Carbon Steel Composition

Carbon Content of Steel

Carbon Steel can be had vary of composition, usually only contain of 2 % carbon with many other small contain of other element like manganese about 1.6% and silicon that only about 0.6%. For medium carbon steel is different contain of carbon in the steel composition, about 0.25% to 0.55%. Medium carbon steel usually use for tools material that will be need further treatment, heat hardened treatment. The different content of carbon make steel have different strength, harness and ductility.

Steel for special construction need special carbon steel material in order can use in longer time, choosing wrong material can make unsuitable properties that can different with the previous aim, even can be dangerous if wrong material use in high pressure condition. To choose the right material on construction of high pressure tool should look to the list that release by American Society of Mechanical Engineers (ASME), beside attention to the pressure use also depend on the working temperature will use on the tool that will construct. Some carbon steel material for certain use may have little different of carbon steel composition, but the right choosing is based on the steel industry product.

Steel Composition

Carbon steel contain of mail elements to form a carbon steel is iron. In general, steel with a higher carbon content are hard and brittle, while steels with a lower carbon content are ductile and tough. Alloy component add to iron steel such as chromium, molybdenum, nickel, manganese, or silicon to increase corrosion resistance or attain a better balance between strength and toughness.

Carbon steel is contain of iron between 0.12 to 2.00 percent of carbon. More other contain either of carbon can be 10.5 percent this steel is called as alloy steel. The general definition of carbon steel is mean that contain of high carbon or usually called as high carbon steel that is very hard, this steel have good abrasion resistance and retaining shape. This steel can withstand to significant tensile strength, high carbon steels are more likely to crack than bend.

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