Wednesday, July 18, 2012

Carbon Steel for Electroplating

Choose Right Material for Certain Purpose

Carbon steel have many different content of carbon on steel. Too many content of carbon on the steel can have bad effect to the steel quality. This steel may have hard steel but very brittle because the carbon effect on the steel.

Carbon steel material for electroplating should be choose right because the effect of material to the product quality will depend on the raw material. Chromium plating on the carbon steel surface can camouflage the real material, because the performance of surface after coating with chrome is very good and sometime assume be stainless steel that stand to corrosion. Chromium coating on the carbon steel do can protect the steel from chemical reaction, but this effect just can stand for a while. The corrosion itself will run through inside the steel, after period of time the steel will corrode and just left the chromium coating without steel below that. The steel become porous chromium plating and can make dangerous for people who don't know the condition of this steel.

To make chromium plating over the surface of carbon steel, must choose steel material that have good quality, so we can depend on the steel strength. Chromium plating just function as a protection from the corrosion and will damage together with the steel below that coating.

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