Wednesday, April 16, 2014

Steel Structure

Steel structure can specialize to certain kind building, such as specialize in the cost effective building of Steel Structures for churches, factories, warehouses, hangers, shopping centers and offices. Steel structure developer sometimes offer an in-house detailing and architectural studio enabling us to assist our customers from the early design stages right up to the final construction of their project.

Developer also can supply and erect steel structures for end-user clients, and also sells turnkey solutions wholesale to property developers and specialize in the design of structures, using digital rendering tools on both architectural- and engineering-driven projects.

Common Steel Structure Shapes

The shape of steel structure is available in published standard, even though number of specialist and proprietary cross section are available too.

Some type of Steel shape standard use are:
  • I-Beam (I-shaped cross section)
  • Z-shape (half a flange in opposite direction)
  • HSS-shape (hollow structural section) also known as SHS (structural hollow section), including of square, rectangular, circular and elliptical cross section)
  • Angle (L-shaped cross section)
  • Structural channel, or C-beam or C cross section
  • Tee (T-shaped cross section)
  • Rail profile asymmetry with I-beam
  • Bar, rectangular cross sectioned (flat) and long, but not so wide so as to be called sheet.
  • Rod, a round or square and long piece of metal or wood
  • Plate, metal sheets thicker than 6 mm or ¼ in.
  • Open web steel joist
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