Tuesday, November 4, 2014

Galvanized Steel Plate

Description about Galvanized Sheet Plate

Galvanized steel plate is used because of this plate have different properties with other usual plate. Steel plate that is not treated by galvanized will easy to corrode even stay in normal place. Galvanized steel plate is covered by zinc coated; with dipping in hot zinc solution the plate will coated overall by zinc metal. Zinc metal is more stand to corrode because zinc metal that already reacted with oxygen become oxidized zinc layer in the surface of zinc plate. Oxidized zinc will not react again with air so the deepest metal will prevent by oxidized zinc coated.

Galvanized Steel Plate
Galvanized steel metal usually use as the base plates for mounting post to a flat surface. Galvanized steel plates are also handy for trucks, racks, trailer work, bridge fencing, gate seam plates, and shims. Galvanized steel plates are available in a variety of sizes and thickness for numerous applications.

The price of this plate may be different each other, but for the standard price the list below may can be used as the first guidance. The price of each size of galvanized steel plate can be seen on the picture below:

Galvanized Steel Plate Price

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