Saturday, October 9, 2010

Type of Carbon Steel Product

Type of Carbon Steel Material Products can be described on the following:

Carbon steel products are available in many kinds, such as plate for construction and fabrication. Carbon steel product for piping installation like flanges, carbon plate flanges, carbon steel flanges, carbon flange in all international standards. Carbon steel product depend on the market demand and follow the available standard in every country that usually similar each others.

Types of Flanges:
• Slip-On flanges
• Lap Joint Flanges
• Blind Flanges
• Back-Up Flanges
• Raised-Face Flanges

Those carbon steel product still be coated with anti rust to prevent from corrosion, because carbon steel is material that easily corrode.

Type of Anti Rust Coatings:
• Clear Transparent Lacquer
• Red Oxide
• Black Japan
• Oil
• Hot Dip Galvanized

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