Sunday, November 7, 2010

Type of Welding Electrode

To joint metal to metal we can use welding. To make a good joint we must intense to the right rod welding and the kind of the steel that will joint. Wrong choose of welding rod can make the joint less strong, or can’t stay for long time. The below description tell about many type of electrodes, the number of designated and the proper use of each electrode.

Code - 6010: deep penetration with a smooth arc and low spatter. Ideal for use on farm and road equipment, tanks, piping, wrought iron, building structures, jigs, fixtures and general maintenance. DC electrode positive unit must be run on DC welding machine.

Code - 6011: Popular electrode for utility type welders. Work well on rusty, dirty steel. Deep penetration allows for use on bridges, pressure vessels, farm and road equipment, building, tanks and pipe.

Code - 7014: Iron powder coating allows for higher welding speeds and use of a drag technique. This is easier to use than most electrodes. AC/DC electrode works well on poor fitting joints and welds requiring a very flat bead.

Code - 7018: High quality weld for mild steel makes this the first choice for field construction applications where weld quality is critical. Ideal for carbon steel welding where cracking is concern. Keep in a sealed container or an electrode oven when not in use.

Code - 80LV Red: AC/DC straight or reverse polarity, all position electrode can be used with low voltage machine for short, intermittent or tack welds on thin, medium and heavy section of mild steel.

Code - 252: For welding 301 and 314 stainless steel subjected to corrosion at elevated temperature as well as dissimilar steels and stainless steel of unknown analysis.

Code - 275: Produces high tensile and yield strengths on tool, high alloy, string, stainless, aircraft, nickel clad and dissimilar steels.

Code - HY-10: This electrode is special use electrode machinable deposit for welding parts, filling holes and defects and salvaging imperfects casting on thin sections of cast iron.

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