Monday, April 22, 2013

Special Alloy Steel

Many Type of Special Alloy Steel

There are classification of steel, the group of them called as Special Steel, such as SK5 SK85 SKS5 and many others. Special steel is a modified steel that mixed from several kind of metal, have propose to make a better properties that the original behavior. The goal of alloy steel can be make metal stronger, more stand from corrosion or make easy to form.

On the table below contain of applicable standard of several steel like carbon steel for machine structural, nickel chromium molybdenum steels, chromium steels, chromium molybdenum steels, manganese steels and manganese chromium steels, carbon tool steels, alloy tool steel.

applicable standard table

Kind of sheet from alloy steel are divide into two kind on how they are perform of surface treatment, Hot Rolled Sheet and Cold roll sheet. Each of these sheet will describe detail on the table below.

Table hot rolled and cooled rolled

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