Sunday, May 19, 2013

Galvanized Carbon Steel Material

Properties of Galvanized Carbon Steel Material

Galvanized carbon steel material for banding and buckles is used mainly in lower cost application where corrosion resistance is not a big problem on the environment of working place. The general properties of this material as follows:
  • Galvanized carbon steel band offers medium strength with good corrosion resistance in mild atmosphere and occasional fresh water. This material is not recommended used in corrosive environment like in chemical industry, because even the galvanized coating is not corroded but the carbon steel itself have corroded.
  • Used with ear lock style buckle for medium duty applications
  • Can formed as single or double wrapped band configuration
  • Utilized in general use banding application
The thickness and average breaking strength (Lbs) can be drawn as below:
  • Thickness = 0.63 mm, width 9.6 mm, 700 lbs
  • Thickness = 0.76 mm, width 12.7 mm, 1125 lbs
  • Thickness = 0,76 mm, width 15.9 mm, 1405 lbs
  • Thickness = 0.76 mm, width 19.1 mm, 1690 lbs
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