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Carbon Steel Sheet

Carbon Steel Sheet Storage

Carbon steel sheet is hard steel or hard carbon steel that can be used as raw material of knife and other hard products. Carbon steel is also used as a material such as spring steel, because the nature of the carbon steel is hard and can return again to the starting position when under pressure, but bad properties of carbon steel is easily broken if the pressure exceeds the limit of his strength.

good carbon steel sheet condition

Carbon steel product is easily corrode when store in badly environment, so to maintain of carbon steel sheet on storing can be oily the surface to prevent direct contact with the atmosphere. Without cover carbon steel surface with oil substance, will easily corrode and if too long on storage can make carbon steel damage even cannot use anymore. Hard steel for tools usually need further process coating like chrome plating or nickel plating to make this tools steel does corrode.

Carbon steel in storage without proper per-treatment causes corroded

bad carbon steel sheet condition

Product Specification of Carbon Sheet materials:

Chemical composition of carbon sheet with electro galvanized material thickness 1 mm

C = 0.12 %
Mn = 0.60 %
P = 0.45 %
S = 0.45 %
Tensile Strenght = 270 – 410 N/mm2
Yield Strength = 140 – 280 N/mm2
Weight = 1.61 lb/ft

Chemical composition of carbon sheet with hot dipped galvanized material thickness 1 mm

C = 0.18 %
Mn = 1.2 %
P = 0.12 %
S = 0.45 %
Tensile Strenght = 270 – 500 N/mm2
Yield Strength = 350 N/mm2
Weight = 1.61 lb/ft

Transportation of Carbon Sheet Material

Transportation is another problem for steel material that sometimes transportation is not prepare in perfect condition. Long transportation may affected by air humidity and rain. The problem transportation on rainy season make inside the covering of material very humid and this make carbon sheet material begin corroded like on the above picture.

Transportation Problem

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