Wednesday, October 18, 2017

Steel Term and Definition

If you buy in the steel shop may don’t use this term and definisition, but on science and technology must use this term and definition in order have same perception on their discussion and express their statement regarding their inventions or innovations.

Term and definition use in steel standard as follows:

  1. Product analysis: use in smelting steel on their order specification to analyses sample that take from product structure already made.
  2. Heat analysis: chemicals analysis of samples include of carbon, manganese, sulfur, nickel, chromium, molybdenum, copper, vanadium, columbium, and other substance content in the steel product.
  3. Annealing: increasing heat treatment process between micro-structure grain size that cause the changes on steel characteristic such as strength and hardness.
  4. Austenitic ( gamma phase iron steel): non magnetic inner solid state and other compound substance.
  5. Bainite: metal substances that merge after heat treatment process
  6. Killed steel: de-oxidation steel with strong deoxidant additive or by vacuum treatment, to reduce oxygen content to reach stage that no reaction between carbon and oxygen.
  7. Semi-killed steel: not complete de-oxidation treatment steel add enough oxygen to produce carbon monoxide as long solidification process.
  8. Ferrite: iron knowlege, or solid state steel as main compound, have cubic crystal structure or body center cubic (BCC)
  9. Ingot: steel material or semi-finished raw material, heat over melting point and mold in easily form, such as reinforced steel or beam.
  10. Compound: contain two chemicals substance or more that diferent chemical linking with certain comparative, usually contain on alloy, examples of alloy: brass, bronze, stainless steel.
  11. Solution: homogeneous mixing of two or more substances.

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